A Bikini for Errybody

We were all made imperfectly perfect. I like to think this every time I see my "lovehandles" "mommy marks" or my butt is too small I can't wear a cheeky bikini! Well lets be real, you are definitely not alone! Does this mean you are limited to a one piece swimsuit all summer...NO! Although we have some adorable onepieces,  Im going to focus on our bikini styles. In case you may have a lil extra in a spot you are self conscious about, this blog is to help you feel a little more confident in shopping a KO Swim online and you'll be able to better figure out what bikini style would compliment your imperfections best.  I'm going to focus on the first one, the dreaded "love handles" or just a lil something "extra" on your sides. If this is your case KO Swim Hawai'i high waisted Santorini style bottoms are great for hiding your sides and slimming the waist. "I have a short torso and can't wear high waist" well if this is you, this isn't entirely true. I too have a shorter torso and this style looks great on, however,  you can also try our Mimosa style bottoms which are a shorter higher waisted boyshort style bottom. KO Swim Hawaii's seamless styles are great for not cutting into your sides and reduces the look of building because the fabric lays flat over the skin. 

What about the second one..I have saggy ladies that need some lifting! Well you are not limited to underwires only!  KO Swim Hawai'i Tahiti Style, Oahu, and Nautica tops all are great choices for giving the girls a lift. The half inch thick built-in elastic and adjustable cross-back and corsett style back give you nice support in front and comfort of with NO TIES around your neck! This is huge when lifting those ladies all day! Our soft fabric and comfortable fits keeps you living in our bikini all summer long!

Lastly, "I have no butt! I can't wear a cheeky bikini" if you have said this before that is Soooooo not true! First off, think about this for a second..if you have a small behind and put a bunch of fabric over it to cover it, it litterally makes your butt disappear, however, if you put a smaller coverage bikini on, your butt will start to reappear. KO Swim Hawaii's Kauai style scrunch back bottoms are perfect for little butts the scrunch in the back shapes the booty to appear more round, the smaller coverage makes the butt appear bigger and look nicer (in my opinion;) 

I hope you found this informational and helpful in your bikini shoping experience!

Mahalo for reading.

Crystal Adair-Pitts




  • Thank you so much! Your Santorini and Kauai bottoms are my favorite fit for my curves! Also, your Tahiti top really makes the girls stay in place and no sore neck! Your fabric is so soft and comfortable! Love KO Swim !

  • Love it! The Mimosa style sounds cute for my short torso+small booty. Time for a new bikini!! Such great info online styling for different body types.

    Misty Lake
  • Hi Crystal… this is Alisa and I am friends with Moni. We came to ur show and I bought the cute plumeria bikini and I won another one. Well I had picked out blue bottoms which u made for me along with my plumeria bikini since u didn’t have my size the day of the show. Then I wanted to give my coworker the top part of the bikini I won. She picked one out. I finally picked up my bikini yesterday and found a top and bottom blue bikini. I don’t know if u remembered I had let my coworker have the top I won the day of the show. I just wanted to b honest and let u know there was a top and bottom in my bag when I got home… let me know if u need the top back… thank u and I love my bikini!!!!!! I didn’t have a phone # for u so sorry for the loooong comment!

    Alisa Castleton

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